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Jim Branson, ¡Presente!

August 24, 2019 /

We lost a beloved comrade, Jim Branson. We share with you four different remembrances that illuminate different parts of Jim’s remarkable life. The first is a post from Jim’s partner, Anne Lewis and the second is from his long-time comrade

John Allocca Presente!

June 25, 2019 /

This Presente! was written by Garret Virchick, a close friend and comrade of John’s. “I am not losing hope. I’m just losing my life.“– John Alloca John Allocca was as committed a revolutionary as one could hope to be. After

Karega Hart, presente!

July 26, 2017 /

Joe Navarro wrote this poem in June 2014 to commemorate the passing of Karega Hart, a beloved comrade and lifelong revolutionary. That Was Karega Anyone who knew Karega Knew that his baritone voice, even though soft, Was full of courage

¡Tim Thomas, Presente!

July 25, 2017 /

Priginally published April 21, 2016 by The Road/El Camino National Executive Committee Please join us in mourning the passing and celebrating the life of our comrade (James) Tim Thomas in Oakland, CA at the age of 71.  Tim was a