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Jim Branson, ¡Presente!

August 24, 2019 /

We lost a beloved comrade, Jim Branson. We share with you four different remembrances that illuminate different parts of Jim’s remarkable life. The first is a post from Jim’s partner, Anne Lewis and the second is from his long-time comrade

John Allocca Presente!

June 25, 2019 /

This Presente! was written by Garret Virchick, a close friend and comrade of John’s. “I am not losing hope. I’m just losing my life.“– John Alloca John Allocca was as committed a revolutionary as one could hope to be. After

Understanding and Confronting Anti-Semitism

April 4, 2019 /

Antisemitism plays a powerful role in contemporary US politics, in the right wing, in the general public, and in our movement spaces. For the far-right ‘New Confederacy’ and its increasingly public and violent white supremacist/nationalist vanguard, antisemitism is a core

San Diego Border Report

December 10, 2018 /

This is written from a cadre that lives in San Diego and has been experiencing and analyzing the events with the caravan at the Tijuana/San Diego border. As has happened, particularly in European countries, the neo-fascist, right wing have made