Liberation Road

How to Join

People join Liberation Road through a local district as cadre or join as general members. Usually, they meet us through doing mass work, and if they seem compatible in approach, we invite them to study our unity documents and other key points of line and theory. If, after common work and study with us, there seems to be a fit, they join a district or join as individuals if there is no district organization in their area.

Cadre: because we believe in working collectively in the same mass organizations, it’s somewhat more complicated and demanding to join Liberation Road as cadre than to join a group which lets you just sign up and come to meetings if you agree with their ideas. This approach is embodied in the formal requirement that a member agree with our basic documents (which you can find on this website) and general line, be actively involved in fighting the enemy, and take part in the collective life of the organization (including paying dues).

General members:  these are people who know The Road and may have been connected with us in the past, but who currently are not able to engage in collective work at the level of cadre. General members do help move our strategy through political and financial contributions and individual participation. We ask that general members commit to: supporting the line and strategy of Liberation Road; working in the fight against the New Confederacy and for socialism; and paying modest dues.

If you are interested in either cadre or general membership, email us at info[at] to start the conversation.