Liberation Road

About Us

We are revolutionary socialists in the U.S. dedicated to fighting for a social system where social wealth is not in the hands of a few billionaires, but is controlled by the people. We have a 32-year history of building a revolutionary people’s movement in the U.S. and you’ll want to get to know us by reading about our history. You’ll also want to check out this section to find out more about who we are.

To get to know our main analysis of the current political moment and the basis of our decisions on strategy, tactics and alliances, we encourage you to check out two documents:

The Main Political Report (2019-2020)

This document provides our National Executive Committee’s (NEC) national-level analysis of who the friends and enemies of the people are at this moment in time in the US. It’s purpose is to provide a shared understanding and basis for political action as well as to provide clear tools for comrades to make analyses of the balance of forces in their state and local areas at the district level.

Strategic Orientation 2019-2020

Using the framework of the united front, we identify the New Confederacy—composed of the most reactionary faction of capital and middle strata, rightwing racists, united in the Republican Party—as the main enemy. We use this term to emphasize the fact that the Right in this country is rooted in a racist program and strategy, and that the bases of its power lie at the state level, particularly in the South. It is our view that the New Confederacy is both the main enemy and the dominant force shaping the US political, though its dominance is being increasingly challenged. In response to the power of the New Confederacy, in this document we call for the construction of a broad united front—a Third Reconstruction—as a protracted strategy to defeat the New Confederacy.

The general tactics for building and employing this front are:
a. develop the progressive forces
b. win over the middle forces
c. combat the diehards, and
d. defeat enemy forces one by one

Read more about the New Confederacy and why we use this term.