Liberation Road

How We Work

We are led by cadre who develop local plans together in their districts to carry out the line and strategy set by the body at Congresses, which take place every three years.

We are led by an elected body, the National Executive Committee (NEC). National commissions and work teams guide our mass work in particular sectors. Districts recruit new members, develop socialist consciousness at the local level and nurture each other through the alienation and assaults of life under capitalism.

We believe that each of us has the obligation to try to test the group’s ideas in all the work that we do (mindful of the culture and flow of the mass organizations in which we work), sum up collectively whether the group’s line was useful in practice or not, and give each other constructive criticism on how we work. This is what makes us a cadre organization.

In each struggle of working and oppressed people that we engage in, we try to: (1) win what victories can be won (democratic rights, better working conditions, etc.) and strike blows at the enemy (for instance, weaken US imperialism’s capacity to intervene militarily); (2) build the organized forces of the people (progressive, ongoing labor and community groups or anti-war coalitions, etc.); and (3) win new fighters to socialism. If knowledge really does come from the people, then we should actually be out there, working and struggling with them.