Liberation Road

Which Way is Left?

Cover art adapted from a painting by Harlem Renaissance artist Aaron Douglas entitled Spirits Rising.


“Study because we will need all your intelligence.
Agitate because we will need all your enthusiasm.
Organize because we will need all your strength.”

—the motto of the first issue of L’Ordine Nuovo, the Italian revolutionary Left newspaper organized by communist leader Antonio Gramsci in 1919

Liberation Road / Organización Socialista del Camino para la Libertad (The Road/El Camino)1 wrote this paper more than ten years ago as a contribution to the development here in the US of a sustained,mass revolutionary Left, something that does not yet exist. To facilitate the discussion within the Left and the broader progressive movement, this document includes a brief historical summation, explores lessons learned, and makes an assessment of key social forces.

All of this has helped to inform our political analysis and deepen our own understanding of the current conditions. In the spirit of revolutionary unity and dialogue, The Road/El Camino offers some initial recommendations and thoughts for moving forward.

Read the document here.