Liberation Road

The Path to Power Memphis for All Solidarity Brigade

The Memphis district of Liberation Road brought together cadre from around the nation to support a local organizing effort, Memphis for All, to apply our line and strategy to local elections. The Path to Power Memphis for all Solidarity Brigade took place in mid-July 2018 to culminate with an early voting canvassing effort.

The program of the Brigade featured:

  • Mass Line training
  • Three forms of power (political, governing, and state) workshop
  • Black organizer breakouts on intersections of labor and Black folks and building Black political and governing power
  • Praxis, praxis, praxis!

(right) The altar where Dr. Martin Luther King gave his last speech before assassination in Memphis, TN.
(left) Leaders of the 1968 Memphis sanitation strike in 2018.

Memphis Brigade training at AFSCME Local 1733 Union Hall, headquarters of the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike.


Memphis Brigade in formation and with clipboards to begin canvassing.

Memphis Brigade canvassers are ready to mobilize voters for early voting.

Turf chart for Memphis Brigade canvassers.


Let’s start voting!