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Solidarity Project with the People of México: Invitation to Participate

History was made on December 1, 2018:  progressive Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, became President of México with 90% of the popular vote. His party, MORENA, originally a social movement and only 4 years old, won the majority of seats in Congress. Given the history of voter fraud, corruption, murder and mayhem, there hasn’t been a time in Mexican history when the social movements have scored such impressive gains since the 1930s, perhaps even since the Mexican revolution of 1910. 

            But we know the drill. México’s financial, corporate, and narco-interests will resist reform. Most importantly, the US will exert enormous pressure to undermine this progressive wave that affects not just Mexican@s, but US Chican@s, Central Americans to México’s South, with reverberations for the left around the globe.

            However, there is also a long history of cross-border organizing. US leftists must challenge our government NOW so as to give AMLO/MORENA the space they need to dismantle neo-liberal policies, practice national sovereignty and serve the people. We must also support the Zapatistas and other indigenous groups, independent union organizing, and other social movements.

Proposed objectives of the SPPM

  1. Expose and resist political, social, military and economic US interventionist efforts that deny Mexico the right to self-determination and aim to bring down the AMLO government. No more Monroe Doctrine!
  2. Provide information and analysis about what’s really happening in Mexico to counter the mainstream media that demonizes and/or belittles leftist governments.
  3. Spread the lessons from México’s experience of movement building and electoral activism to increase democratic participation and build progressive independent political organization within the US that would advance a pro-people foreign policy.
  4. Build a broad-based grassroots solidarity project of individuals and organizations on the model of CISPES to connect social movement activists on both sides of the border to shift power from US and Mexican elites to the peoples of our countries.

México, more than any other country of the world, will influence our struggle in the US for transformational change from imperialist capitalism to socialism.  Will the US succeed in maintaining Mexico as a vassal state? Or will México point the way for US social movements to gain governing power? We can determine our futures. 

If you interested in joining the Solidarity Project, contact: Gabriel Mireles, Coordinator