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Welcome to the Road Signs page! Liberation Road’s regular dispatch to engage broader audiences on questions of domestic and international political analysis of the current conjuncture, strategy, and practical tensions, challenges, and contradictions that arise in organizing work.

Road Signs has five topic areas that we will rotate posting articles on:

US Politics — assessments of domestic current events grounded in Liberation Road political line and strategy

Dear Comrade – an advice column section where organizers can get practical and theoretical questions answered by some of our cadre

World News — addressing the international conjuncture and relating it to what people are experiencing domestically in their analysis of political conditions and organizing work

Throwbacks — Writings from our archives and those of other left movements, as well as foundational revolutionary texts, along with brief framing about their relevance in the present moment

Field Notes – These articles would be messages from the front lines of our cadre’s mass work and/or red mass work that is rooted in our current strategy