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Marx’s Capital: Still Indispensable 150 Years On

The 2008 economic meltdown, spiraling economic inequality and the resurgent appeal of socialism have driven many to look at Marx’s Capital. This short video  outlines why this work remains essential for understanding capitalism and the contradictions, oppression and resistance it engenders, and offers tips on how to unpack its main concepts and make them accessible to non-scholars.

Juliet Ucelli has been teaching Capital, Volume I for several decades to union members, community organizers, faith-based activists, and people who had studied it in grad school but found they still didn’t understand it.  She was a founder of the Brecht Forum and now teaches through the Marxist Education Project

This talk was presented for a panel discussion at the Left Forum on June 4, 2017, about “The Continuing Relevance of Marx’s Capital after 150 Years,” with Immanuel Ness,  Ben Becker, Abhinav Sinha and Michael Hudson.