Liberation Road

Liberation Road 2016-2019 Analysis and Strategy

Liberation Road is making our 2016-2019 Strategy document and our 2016 Main Political Report public to share our thinking with progressive formations and the Left broadly, to promote dialogue towards the sharpening of the Left’s strategic thinking and actions.

The 2016 Main Political Report outlines our thinking on:

  • The main enemy and their current program
  • An overview of current political moment
  • Basic class structure within US
  • The way white supremacy shapes class in the US
  • Major national/nationality segments that make up each major class in the US and how they relate to main enemy

The 2016-2019 Strategy document outlines:

  • What we mean by political power
  • The need to build political power through statewide independent political organization
  • The orientation and focuses that are needed in our movements along with key elements of the united front
  • The need for inside/outside strategy in regards to the electoral arena